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~|| Heavy Waves (Preview) ~|| Heavy Waves (Preview)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Still wish I could make stuff like this. haha keep it up man! :)


T-Free responds:

Thank ya man, and I wish I could make techno-stuff better, like you do. :D

[v150r - liberation dream VIP] [v150r - liberation dream VIP]

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is quite impressive, all the sounds fit together in the intro to create this mysterious texture.
I have a couple suggestions: Add a phaser'd pad to some of the spots to fill in an empty sound.
Other than that, wow. this is seriously amazing. I love the drum samples used, they sound very crisp and clear, I can't think of anything else to really criticize!
Keep up the good work and inform me of more work you do! :)


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v150r responds:


~Beta~ Perception ~Beta~ Perception

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice

Really enjoyed this one, everything flows, it has a really nice house feel to it, even though I think you could add more percussive elements (like a shaker or something at 1:36), things like that - even though you may not hear them that loud or they aren't obvious, they should be added in just to keep it flowing.
Other than that though, this is amazing. Interested in a collab sometime? I'm gonna be busy in the next two weeks but afterwards :)
Keep up the good work!

aliaspharow responds:

Thanks man :D and yeah i noticed that at some point i needed to put more into the percussions but i wasnt sure what or when to put anything. I'll probably try and add a shaker line when i get the time, thanks. And yeah a collab would be epic! I love your music style and i'm sure we could work something out great :)

Thanks for the review! Cheers

-ganon95- Bit.trip Part3- VOID -ganon95- Bit.trip Part3- VOID

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The intro was just amazing, and even everything else. To be quite honest this is quite amazing, to see focus for an entire song like this, and you obviously put tons of work into it. The intro, was probably my fav though with all the electronic sounds and reverb and slides and arps :)
This is purely a masterpiece, I really enjoyed it!
Keep it up, great work :)
Can't wait to hear more :D


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ganon95 responds:

haha yea alot of people really liked the intro.

i love the BIT.TRIP series and this one in perticular is my favorite so it deserves an epic remix.

glad ya liked it :P

-Another Day- -Another Day-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Wow, this is such a great atmosphere you've created here, I really like it! The beat is right on, it might be a little repetitive, but other than that really great song!
Keep up the great work! :D

Please check out some of my music!


Rekuiem responds:

Thank you, it is a bit repetitive though, I just love the floating vibe i get from it. Feedback greatly appreciated.

[DJC] Double Dutch [DJC] Double Dutch

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hmm.. :D

So for a starter, let me say what I like:
-Good transitions
-Yeah everybody knows what gross beat is, maybe a bit overused but it fits with the song

What needs work:
-Louder kick (this is electro house, it should be the loudest thing really)
-More pads, samples, etc. More filling to the song really.

Other than that, pretty good song!

8/10 but you have enough of a good overall sound to the song so 5/5
Keep up the good work!


DjCryogenetic responds:

Its actually dblue glitch. :)

~Alfa~ Muse (NG Mix) ~Alfa~ Muse (NG Mix)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow! :D

This is actually a really great song! I loved it, the pads and everything went together well, really a perfect song. Except one thing in my opinion, the kick needs to be punchier and louder, other than that, amazing song you have here my friend.
Keep up the great work :)


aliaspharow responds:

Thanks man! Much appreciated.

Stereo Love (Dance mix) WIP Stereo Love (Dance mix) WIP

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I agree

With Pizentios, this is really a great remix, I think probably better than mine! haha but overall it definitely needed some more bass.
Keep up the great work though :)

Please go like my artist page on facebook! Just search "ShootingStar"


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kirja100 responds:

OK :)

Tik Tok Remix[dj-s] Tik Tok Remix[dj-s]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice! :D

Really nice!! :D Liked it a lot :D You had a pretty solid kick there, sounded great!
You could possibly change all that reverb sound where you have the "drop"
You could definitely make this more of a drop i think, and take down some of the high-hat frequencies...
Other than that, really great song!! :D Or should I say remix!
Keep them up!


Sacrafan responds:


I'm one of those people who doesnt know the technical crap bro.

Jumping Beans Jumping Beans

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice one!

Really liked this song! Haha Much improvement lately on your songs, I can really tell you're getting really good! :D

Some comments:
- I hear you're using nexus now? ey? :D Great use of the vst, you picked some of my favorite samples out of it ;)
- Maybe, if you take your time mastering everything, you can make this sound a little better. You definitely need to try and boost the kick some, so try pulling the rest of the sounds down a bit to let that just smash the floor.
- This reminds me of my old songs :D ahhh... Good times ;)
- Really great song here, don't know what else to say :D

Keep up the great work! I really liked this song, it's definitely starting to sound like the pro's do!

Check out some of my latest work please!


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momboom1 responds:

Thanks sir. Yeah Nexus is my favorite VST. Simple, but great. I'll try making some kick changes and see how it turns out. Also, I just recently downloaded like 10 of your songs so that part of the deal is done :P.