"Far Beyond"

2010-12-30 11:30:36 by ShootingStar

"Far Beyond" will be released here very shortly! Check back for updates on where you can buy it, and listen! :)

Please also check out my areas where I'm posting:

I'll continue to post here, on newgrounds.

Also, I've set up a youtube account to have videos of demos and songs, check it out!

To expand everywhere, I've also made a artist page on facebook! Additional videos, promos, demos are put up! Check it out and like it!

My soundcloud that I set up: http://soundcloud.com/djshootingstar
I still need to finish uploading more tracks.

I also got a song in a mix!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0ltM2k wl0o
Listen and enjoy!


"Far Beyond"


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2011-02-03 17:13:26

Looks LOVELY :) Do you think I can join 5LINE Records too? I mean, I'm not that bad, Night Runner has over 8000 dls