I need a new name!!

2010-08-04 13:11:15 by ShootingStar

Edit: To whomever comes up with a name for me, they will receive 25% off my latest album, and also recieve a free track from me.

Sadly, to be able to sell my music and things I will need to come up with a new artist name to sell it by. So far, some ideas have been:

(fill in the blank)_______star
and others as such.

I'm also looking for a professional sounding name, something that sounds good, and will help make my music become more popular. Also I personally would like it to reflect my genre of trance, or something along that line.

If you have any ideas, they would be VERY much appreciated in my quest to come up with a new name.

Thanks so much!!



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2010-08-04 13:56:34

shootingstar isnt that bad...
how about "burntstar"
I got the idea from my name

ShootingStar responds:

Well, here's the case. As much as I'd love to keep ShootingStar, it just wouldn't work out so that's why I'm looking for a new name.

But thanks for the idea! I'll definitely add it to the list to choose from ;)



2010-08-04 15:06:26

Crying star
Fire star
Wild Fire in the star
Baby Star
Nerd star
Falling star
Flying star
Creepy star
Lovestruck star
Living Star
Micro Star
Romantic star
Ego Star
Flaming star
Ninja Star
Fat star
The Nocturnal Star

Hope you like the list... Atleast i gave...

ShootingStar responds:

Haha :D Thanks for the input! ;) Some of them are a little on the ehh side, but haha made me laugh ;)



2010-08-04 15:25:35

:)) Lol! I love techno... What about...

Techno star
Rave/Raving star
Loop star
Firestarter star lol

lol alright i quit...
Good luck with the names :)

ShootingStar responds:

Hmmm... Some more ideas to think about :) haha Thanks!



2010-08-04 15:52:10

And i Love Trance... I was just gonna gave you a new name for your song but i came up listening to some of your music and it's really awesome! Sorry for being so funny today i guess I'm high... (not the bad thing)... And sorry for the triple post. :)

ShootingStar responds:

Haha :D Glad you liked my music! And don't worry about the triple post :P I'll deal with actually having comments for once :D



2010-08-04 16:43:47

Hmm, how about NextStar?

ShootingStar responds:

Hmm, very nice idea. Almost like ShootingStar is like my "baby" stage and that would be like a new "me"... I kinda like it ;) Haha thanks for the suggestion!!
I'll definitely be keeping that in mind :D



2010-08-05 19:31:52

There really are a lot of possibilities out there. Sadly changing the name of SS isn't something I'd like to do. But sadly it has to be done because of conflicting bands and such.

I like the Burnstar one and RaveStar / Raving Star. FalingStar is nice as well.

All names are greatly appreciated. But to spice things up a bit how about this. Whoever comes up with the new name you'll get a free track and a coupon for 25% off on his latest album. :)

ShootingStar responds:

Alrighty! Thanks a bunch!



2010-08-08 21:04:22

PornStar (Lul)

DJ Comet
DJ Gravity
DJ Void
DJ Dark Void
DJ Light Void
DJ Polarity
DJ Wave
DJ Tectonic
DJ Starport
DJ Gateway
DJ Nexus
DJ Corrupter
DJ Poly
DJ Fortify
DJ Ignite
DJ Clarity
DJ Star
DJ BlackIce
DJ Image
DJ Raze
DJ Siphon
DJ Scion

Have Fun!

ShootingStar responds:

Wow :D Haha thanks for all the ideas! I'll definitely choose a couple from here to pick from!



2010-08-11 07:21:54

What about

Also, when i try to come up with a name i always look at things i like, and then go browsing on wikipedia.
I like your remix of "Maneater" alot, that made me think of monsters, and that made me come on this page (for example) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fearsome _critters#Beasts You could pick one that u think sounds cool, and no one ever heard of, or you can try browse yourself ^^.
Maybe that helps you.

ShootingStar responds:

Haha :D Monsters :P Glad you liked my maneater remix! And thanks for the suggestion, it's definitely a good one!



2010-08-21 18:32:25

Choose a simple, easy to remember name. I'm kind of thinking of changing my name too because Dj ______ is just used way too much and it's not original.

As for reflecting your trance, idk, Trancestar? O_o.