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Second Album For Release!!!!

2010-07-13 11:15:58 by ShootingStar
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My second album is finally available for purchase! And even better, you can buy individual songs as you like! You can find the playlist to listen and buy my songs here.
Also, on the website you can register and become a fan of mine and get unreleased songs, promos, and much more!

If you're also looking for Ultra Motion, click here after making an account.

Enjoy all the new and awesome music! :D


Below is the new cover for Overhead! Thanks to groovebot for his hard work!

Second Album For Release!!!!


2010-06-28 15:24:47 by ShootingStar


So lately I've decided to give back to newgrounds and all my wonderful fans by making remixes of songs that I personally enjoy myself.
So far I've done 2 remixes, but many more to come!

Remix 1: What I've Done by Linkin Park. [another update will be posted soon]

Remix 2: Move For Me by Deadmau5 and Kaskade.

That's it so far, but still to come, Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling" and many more!

If you have a suggestion for a remix to do, feel free to send it over! I'm mostly interested in doing vocal remixes, but I can try lots of new things!



Artist Craze Media

2010-06-07 17:43:00 by ShootingStar

Artist Craze Media
Is currently working on finishing up the store, but they are adding features everyday!
Some include - Live-radio that I will be doing my own DJ mix on! I'll post later when I'll be doing that.
- MP3 Player to listen to music in, you can find my album Ultra Motion for listening there :)
- Numerous forums to post in, shoutbox to talk to others, games, and more!
Check it out!


Ultra Motion Available for Purchase

2010-03-31 08:50:46 by ShootingStar

It is sellling here!
New Cover!! :D
Will include some of your guys favorites - Lost Temple and Lost in the Darkness, and 9 other completely original new songs! :)

Here's the tracklist:
Ultra Motion
1. Acid Planet
2. Light
3. Flying
4. Lost Temple
5. Ultra Motion
6. Energy
7. Black Clouds
8. And You
9. Lost in the Darkness
10. This Way
11. Code Shift
12. Ultra Motion [mix] (bonus)

Thanks for all your support in me and my music!
Also - thanks to all of my fans for supporting me!
If you would like to receive updates about my music, please favorite me so that you can receive them.


Ultra Motion Available for Purchase

Music Label

2010-03-16 16:20:44 by ShootingStar

I've been signed to a music label!
Really excited to start releasing music for sale!
I currently have an album ready for release, but we are currently working out some details before that can happen.
Hope you check it out!


Thanks!! :D

2010-02-25 06:51:19 by ShootingStar

Thanks for putting one of my songs in the top 30!!
That's really a big accomplishment for me! :D
#11 - _/Electronica\_
If you liked the song please check out some of my other songs!!


Would you?

2010-01-23 17:07:56 by ShootingStar

Buy an album from me if I decided to make one in the near future? :D

Oh yeah!

2010-01-03 10:34:12 by ShootingStar _state/story/264845.html
Haha So I went to Florida (where it ended up raining :( But to perform in the Gator Bowl Halftime show, a competition, and a parade. We (Green Hope Marching Band) won the Competition so we played part of our show for pregame.
It was a blast!
Can't wait to see if anyone posts videos on youtube!



2009-12-19 12:43:00 by ShootingStar

To all those who have favorited me:
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You guys rock!


2009-12-04 20:37:00 by ShootingStar

I haven't "posted" yet for awhile.. So I thought I'd say something about my latest song, Slip Away.. Well, I understand that the intro has a guitar in it, but I've been trying to mix up some genres lately, you know, experimenting.. And I really thought that the guitar fit, so I left it.. And I was really surprised to wake up and find that there were 6 reviews and already 33 downloads :) So thanks a bunch for your support and hope you enjoy my music!!