2013 Submissions

2012 Submissions

Electro Life House Song

2011 Submissions

It's Gone - WIP House Song
_/For You\_ House Loop
_/Cooler Than Me\_ [SS Mix] House Song
_/I Believe In You\_ House Song
_/Forgiven\_ House Song
_/Without You\_ House Song
_/Far Away\_ House Song
_/Love You\_ House Song
_/Sandstorm\_ [Remix] Trance Song
_/Dancing Free\_ [demo] Trance Song
_/Far Beyond\_ [demo] House Loop
_/Destiny [mix]\_ (demo) House Loop
_/Expand\_ [demo] House Loop
_/Destiny\_ [demo] House Loop
_/Darkness\_ [demo] House Loop
_/Atmosphere\_ [demo] House Loop
_/Game Square\_ Drum N Bass Song
_/Closer\_ Trance Song
_/Electronica\_ Trance Song
_/Lost Temple\_ Trance Song
_/Slip Away\_ (ng cut) Trance Song
_/Slip Away\_ Trance Song
_/I wish you were here\_ Trance Song
_/Break Down\_ Trance Song
_/NightSky\_ (remix) Trance Song
_/Catch My Fall\_ Trance Song
_/Written\_ Trance Song
_/Lost in the Darkness\_ Techno Song
_/Lost in the Darkness\_ demo Trance Song
_/Home\_ (demo?) Dance Song
_/Get Down\_ EP #2 (demo) Trance Song
_/Rain on Me\_ Dance Song
_/In the Shadows\_ (demo) Drum N Bass Song
_/Dark Secret\_ |demo| Dance Song
_/Rixet\_ Dance Song
_/Chill\_ (dnb) Drum N Bass Song
_/Rixet\_ (demo) Dance Song
_/Catch On\_ (demo) Drum N Bass Loop
_/Watch Out\_ Drum N Bass Song
_/Dance!\_ Dance Loop
_/Inside the Pyramid\_ (demo) Dance Loop
Star Shredder - Yourix vs. SS Drum N Bass Song
_/Cave Mix\_ (demo) Dance Song
_/A new feeling\_ (ng cut) Dance Song
_/Forgotten\_ (demo) Ambient Song
_/Fly Away\_ Dance Song
_/Evil Mix\_ Dance Song
_/Club Loop\_ House Loop
_/Evil Mix\_ (demo) Dance Song
_/Club Mix\_ Dance Song
_/Ambient Dance\_ Dance Loop
_/Lullaby\_ Ambient Loop
_/Move\_ Dance Song
_/Bounce\_ Dance Loop
_/Love\_ (piano) Ambient Song
_/Love\_ (strings) Ambient Song
_/Breaks Apart\_ Ambient Song
_/Darkness has come\_(strings) Ambient Song
_/Move!\_ (demo) Dance Loop
_/Dance Away\_ Dance Song
_/Dance\_ (demo) Dance Loop
_/Duel\_ Ambient Song
_/Blessings\_ Ambient Song
_/Hard Times\_ Ambient Song
_/The Journey\_ Ambient Song
_/My Star\_ Ambient Song
_/Hope\_ Ambient Song
_/Honesty\_ Ambient Song
_/Deep Depression 2\_ Ambient Song
_/Deep Depression\_ Ambient Song
_/Off in a Dream\_ Ambient Song
_/Insomnia\_ (remix) Dance Song
_/Culture\_ (demo) Miscellaneous Song
_/Deep Dark\_ Dance Loop
_/Wave of Ambience\_ Ambient Song
_/Reavea\_ Dance Song
_/Goodbye, My Friend\_ Ambient Song
_/Reavea\_ (demo 2) Dance Song
_/Reavea\_ (demo) Dance Song
_/Dark Dance\_ Ambient Loop
_/Why?\_ Ambient Song
_/Dark Trance\_ (demo) Trance Loop
_/Dark Groove Rmx.\_ Dance Song
_/DnB Loop\_ Drum N Bass Loop
_/Tisrip\_ (demo) Dance Loop
_/Ballad\_ Ambient Loop
_/Enter the Tornado\_ (demo) Industrial Loop
_/Dark Groove\_ Dance Song
_/Dark Groove\_ (demo 2) Dance Song
_/Dark Groove (demo)\_ Dance Loop
_/Ambient Rock\_ Ambient Loop
_/Rockin' to Sleep\_ Ambient Song
_/Not Myself\_ Ambient Song
_/Stuck\_ Ambient Song
_/Piano Rock\_ General Rock Song
_/Shape 3\_ Dance Song
_/Shape 4\_ Dance Song
_/Shape 2\_ Dance Song
_/Shape 1\_ Dance Song
_/Slow Space\_ Ambient Loop
_/Mon Ballad Pour Vous\_ Ambient Loop
_/Ticker\_ (demo) Drum N Bass Song
_/Midnight Dance\_ Ambient Song
_/I need to Believe\_ Ambient Song
_/The Depths\_ Ambient Song
_/Drum-Kore\_ Drum N Bass Loop
_/Kawki\_ (demo) Dance Loop
_/Drum-Kore\_ (demo2) Drum N Bass Song
_/Silk Synth\_ Ambient Loop
_/Drum-Kore\_ (demo) Drum N Bass Loop
_/Sea Dance\_ (demo) Miscellaneous Loop
_/Overkill\_ Ambient Loop
_/Prevail\_{demo} Drum N Bass Loop
_/Overcome\_ Ambient Loop
_/The Overwrath\_ Ambient Loop
_/Rock Waltz\_ Classic Rock Loop
_/Ambient Funk\_ Ambient Song
|./Waltz in G major\.| (demo) Classical Loop
Truth in Darkness Ambient Loop
Theme and Variation Drum N Bass Song
_=-<The Walk Home>-=_ Ambient Song
Hawaiin Shake Miscellaneous Song
-<Make a Move>- Dance Song
Halloween Night Classical Song
Final Breath of Air Ambient Song
_--=Ambient Echoes=--_ Ambient Song
ParagonXX9 & LtCheese - Colors Techno Song
Gone Forever Ambient Song
Freely Flying Dance Loop
Heather's Song Ambient Song
cRACKs Drum N Bass Song
Pirates of tthe Carribean fin. Techno Song
Indian Flair (demo) Drum N Bass Song
Pirates of the Carribean MIX! Techno Song
Pirates of the Carribean Mix Miscellaneous Loop
Hawaiin Clocks Miscellaneous Song
Indian/Dance Dance Song
Sad Days Ambient Song
Linkin Park ~ Numb General Rock Song
Numb ~ Linkin Park General Rock Song
Linkin Park ~ What I've Done Techno Song
Bop-Hop Dance Dance Song
Dance Party! Dance Loop
Sad Dreams (con.) Trance Song
Sad Dreams Techno Song
Jammin' out Loud Techno Loop
Loud and Clear Techno Song
Sleepover Jam Techno Song
High off Suger Techno Loop
Looking Back at Memories Ambient Song
Different Guitar Ambient Loop
Run from the Cops Trance Loop
Piano and Guitar (-music-) Classic Rock Loop
Piano and Guitar Miscellaneous Loop
Hit and Run General Rock Loop
Rock Till You Drop General Rock Song
Acid + Trance Trance Song
Bass loop (hi) Drum N Bass Loop
Trance Distiller Techno Song
Coolest Song you'll ever Hear Trance Loop
Synth/Hardcore Trance Loop
India Mixin' Drum N Bass Song
Synthcore (fin.) Techno Song
Losing Touch Ambient Loop
Brass Band Trance Loop
High Pitched loop Techno Loop
Synth-core Drum N Bass Loop
Synthcore Trance Loop
hi everybody!@!@ Drum N Bass Loop
Azn Sun and Stars Dance Song
Tracing Memories Drum N Bass Song
Tubular Waves Drum N Bass Song
Madman Loop Drum N Bass Loop
Madness Loop Drum N Bass Loop
Fear Factor Loop Drum N Bass Song
Darkness Rising Trance Song
Sound Alseep Ambient Song
Dead Man Trance Song
Up And Back Down~~~ General Rock Song
Landing Down Drum N Bass Song
AznTsunami - Mellow Rok Ambient Song
ParagonXX9 - Gold Track Trance Song
ParagonXX9 - Hawaii Islands Miscellaneous Song
ParagonXX9 - Fear Factor Drum N Bass Song
ParagonXX9 - D3rkn3$$ Heavy Metal Song
ParagonXX9 - Bubbles!!! Miscellaneous Song
ParagonXX9 - Chords Song Miscellaneous Song
ParagonXX9 - Charcoal Bits Industrial Song
ParagonXX9 - Schools OUt!! Miscellaneous Song
ParagonXX9 - Meghan's Song Ambient Loop
ParagonXX9 - Ballad New Wave Loop
ParagonXX9 - Mellow Loop Ambient Loop
ParagonXX9 - Bringin' The Guns General Rock Loop
ParagonXX9 - March to Sea Miscellaneous Song
ParagonXX9 - Guitar Solo General Rock Loop
ParagonXX9 - PassItOn (fixed) Ambient Loop
ParagonXX9 - Pass It On Ambient Loop
ParagonXX9 - Hawaii Chaos Techno Loop
ParagonXX9 - GLoomy DAys Ambient Loop
ParagonXX9 - Tinkerbell Dance Song
LiGhTs oF dAnCe - Fixed LOL Dance Song
ParagonXX9 - Lights Of DaNcE Dance Song
ParagonXX9 - Mellow Band Ambient Loop
ParagonXX9 - BIG BRASS Video Game Song
ParagonXX9 - SMOkin ON WatER General Rock Song
ParagonXX9 - King OF The HILL Dance Loop
ParagonXX9 - Arabian SongĀ£20 Dance Loop
ParagonXX9 - Tight Bass Drum N Bass Song
ParagonXX9 - Flying Away Dance Song
ParagonXX9 - NO NAME Techno Loop
Ummmmmm.......? Techno Loop
I DuN KnOw Techno Loop
ParagonXX9 - old song(preveiw) Ambient Loop
ParagonXX9 - Stalking U Drum N Bass Song
ParagonXX9 - Bubble Bass Techno Song
ParagonXX9 - B-Ball Bass Drum N Bass Song
CaLlInG fOr U (: Ambient Song
~~~WIeRd~~~~ Dance Loop
IcE CrEaM mAn General Rock Song
FaLlInG UpWaRdS Trance Song
ParagonXX9--=-MaDmAn-=- Drum N Bass Song
_ _ REveALIng THe sEcrET_ _ Trance Song
/|\*Open Your Eyes*/|\ Dance Song
/||*Happy !!!!*/|\ Techno Loop
/|\*Numb Loop*/|\ Techno Loop
/|\*Can You Dig It?*/|\ Drum N Bass Loop
/|\*Ultimate*/|\ Techno Song
/|\DM&IB/|\ Fin Drum N Bass Song
/|\*DM&IB*/|\ (Remastered) Drum N Bass Song
/|\*DM&IB*/|\ 999 Techno Loop
/|\*DM&IB*/|\ Drum N Bass Song
Apocalypse Stalking Techno Song
Meditate Ambient Song
Fear of Happy Hardcore 2! Techno Song
Fear of Happy Hardcore Techno Song
Twilight Explosion Techno Song
Chord strummin Techno Song
Fear of the Hardcore Techno Song
Greig at midnight Drum N Bass Song
Grieg Remastered Techno Song
Twililight Trance Trance Song
Grieg in hall of the DnB RmX!! Techno Song
Apocalypsed (fixed) Techno Song
Twilight Tekno Techno Song
Engines of Tekno (Fixed) Techno Song
Engines of Tekno Techno Loop
Apocalypsed Techno Song
Grieg in the hall of the DnB Techno Loop